Central Dispatch

Ryan Gale, Director

1228 Washington Avenue
Bay City, Michigan 48708
Voice: (989) 895-4051
Fax: (989) 892-3744
Non Emergency: (989) 892-9551

Bay County 911 began operation in 1986 and consolidated dispatching services for all county police, fire, and ambulance departments during that time. Prior to 911, in the event of an emergency, a 7 digit number was dialed. 911 provides all of Bay County with an easily accessible emergency telephone system. When a 911 call is dialed from a landline telephone, the caller’s phone number, address and billing name appears on the dispatcher’s computer screen. In most circumstances, when a person dials 911 from a cellphone, the dispatchers are able to get their location.

Technology in this industry is very challenging, but it will provide dispatchers with more techniques and systems that could save even more lives. That is why continuous training is essential to the operation of a 911 system from a rookie to the veteran. It takes 6 months of training before a dispatcher is allowed to work by themselves. All dispatchers must be certified in the following areas; as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher, which includes CPR, Law Enforcement Information operator and in National Incident Management training.

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