Office of Bay County Executive

James A. Barcia, County Executive

Bay County Building
515 Center Avenue, Suite 401
Bay City, Michigan 48708-5125
Voice: (989) 895-4130
Fax: (989) 895-2094
[email protected]

The County Executive as chief administrator has influence over all departments, except those headed by other elected officials. In that manner, the County Executive appoints and supervises all department heads. It is the duty of the County Executive to coordinate all county activities and unify the management of county affairs, enforce all orders, rules and ordinances passed by the Board of Commissioners and all laws enacted by the state. In addition, the County Executive must submit to the Board of Commissioners a recommended budget each year.

The County Executive, like other elected county officials, is independent of the Board of Commissioners.

 Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.* 
(*County Holidays)

County Hotline

The Hotline is established for citizens to suggest ways to improve county services or to report alleged fraud or abuse. All calls are confidential. (989) 895-4118.


Pursuant to the ADA (Americans with Disability Act), individuals with a disability who wish to participate in Bay County government meetings, may contact the Department of Corporation Counsel to request aids/services, within a reasonable time period. Please click here for more information.

Notary Services

Notary services, including the seal, are available in the Bay County Executive's Office. This is a free service. A Notary is witnessing a signature of a document and not verifying the accuracy of the document being signed. Please do not sign any documents prior to arriving at our office. If you are interested in becoming a Notary Public, please visit the County Clerk's Office on the First Floor of the Bay County Building.

Act 139 Departments

The following Departments are under the supervision of the Bay County Executive, based on the Optional Unified Form of Government created by Public Act 139 of 1979.

Administrative Services Central Dispatch/9-1-1 Corporation Counsel & Risk Management Criminal Defense Department on Aging Environmental Affairs & Community Development Equalization Department Finance Department Health Department Housing/Center Ridge Arms Juvenile Detention & Child Care Services Personnel & Employee Relations Public Defender Recreation and Facilities Veteran Affairs


Intergovernmental Cooperation

Greater Intergovernmental Cooperation is one of the goals in Bay County in order to continue providing the most efficient and effective ways to serve our constituents.

Bay County consists of fourteen townships, four cities and five school districts who can participate in our intergovernmental cooperation efforts. Officials from each of these municipalities have met on different occasions to discuss ways to best serve the citizens , topics including technology, group contracts, cyber security, alternative fuels and much more.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding intergovernmental cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact the County Executive's Office.


Bay County's Vision & Mission Statement



To provide a continuously improving quality of life in our community through leadership and services.


To efficiently provide customer and tax payer-focused public services that improve the quality of life for Bay County Residents.