Friend of the Court

Michael R. Kinsella J.D, Director

Bay County Court Facility
1230 Washington Avenue, Suite 660
Voice: (989) 895-4295


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The Friend of the Court provides services to parties with minor children involving divorce, family support, interstate and paternity cases. We are involved if your case is heard by the Circuit Court and if there are minor children involved. Our duties are custodyparenting time, and child support. (Read more about the jurisdiction of the Friend of the Court.) 

  • FOC Handbook tells you what we do in detail, covering common divorce-related disputes between parties and the Court, and Friend of the Court's role and actions in these disputes.
  • Read carefully about how to communicate with the Friend of the Court. Get names and extension numbers for employees assigned to your case in FOC Staff.
  • Understanding Child Support - A Handbook for Parents

FOC Staff:

Michael Kinsella, Friend of the Court
Administrator to all Friend of the Court Operations

Abbie Schlager, Assistant Friend of the Court
Responsible for administrative and child support accounting matters




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