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Deciphering Your Parcel ID Number

Breakdown for Unplatted Land (not in Subdivision or Condominium) Parcel ID number

Example Parcel ID Number: 09-090-012-400-005-02

09  -090  -012  -400  -005-02 
County Code (Bay County)  Township/City Code Section Number Code Quarter Section Code 

Individual Parcel ID Code 

This number would describe a parcel in the Southeast Quarter of Section 12 of Merritt Township.

Township / City Codes:

-010 Bangor Township  -020 Beaver Township  -030 Frankenlust Township  -040 Fraser Township -050 Garfield Township  -060 Gibson Township 
-070 Hampton Township -080 Kawkawlin Township  -090 Merritt Township 

-100 Monitor Township

-110 Mt. Forest Township 

-120 Pinconning Township 

-130 Portsmouth Township -140 Williams Township -150 City of Auburn  -160 City of Bay City  -170 City of Essexville  -180 City of Pinconning 

Section Numbers in regular townships are numbered 1-36 (e.g. Codes -001 through -036). Any other section number code (e.g. -041) requires further explanation. For deciphering non-standard section number codes see the Township Section Number Code Tables.

Quarter Section Codes are explained as follows:

100 - Northwest Quarter (Northeast Quarter in City of Auburn & City of Pinconning)
200 - Northeast Quarter (Northwest Quarter in City of Auburn & City of Pinconning)
300 - Southwest Quarter
400 - Southeast Quarter  

Breakdown for Platted Land (is in Subdivision or Condominium) Parcel ID Number

Example Parcel ID Number (example no. 1): 09-040-L10-003-001-01

09  -040  -L10  -003  -002-00 
County Code  Township/City Code  Subdivision Code  Block Number Code  Lot(s) or Condo Unit Number Code 

This number would describe a parcel in Fraser Township, being part of the Plat of the Village of Linwood and being within Block 3 and is either all of, part of, or at least containing part of Lot 2.

Example Parcel ID Number (example no. 2): 09-070-E10-000-003-00

09  -070  -E10  -000  -005-00 
County Code  Towship/City Code  Subdivision Code  Parcel is not in a platted Block  Lot(s) or Condo Unit Number Code

This number would describe a parcel in Hampton Township, being in Erndt's Subdivision, and is either all of, part of, or at least containing part of Lot 5.

Subdivision and Condominium Codes can be deciphered by consulting the Subdivision Index tables.

Parcels in the City of Bay City

Example Parcel ID Number: 09-160-022-356-004-00

09 -160  -022  -356  -004-00 
County Code  Bay City Code  Section Number Code  Quarter/Quarter Section Code Individual Parcel ID Code

Quarter Section Codes are defined by the first digit in the sequence, viz.:

 100 - Northwest Quarter
 200 - Northeast Quarter
 300 - Southwest Quarter
 400 - Southeast Quarter

Quarter Section code numbers can be further defined by Quarter/Quarter Section as shown in the following Section diagram:

101-125 126-150 201-225 226-250
151-175 176-199 251-275 276-299
301-325 326-350 401-425 426-450
351-375 376-399 451-475 476-499


There are no subdivision codes used within the City of Bay City.