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Frequently Asked Questions on Animal Licenses

How do I obtain a replacement tag for a lost animal license?

Contact the County Treasurer’s Office at (989) 895-4285 or [email protected] to apply for a new tag. There is no charge for the replacement tag.

At what age should my animal be licensed?

Michigan law requires animals to be licensed at four months of age.

We found an animal with a license – what should we do?

You may contact the Bay County Treasurer’s Office (989) 895-4285, Animal Control (989) 894-0679 or you may call 911 (non emergency line) (989) 892-9551 and provide the license number. We will provide you with the owner’s name and telephone number.

How do I know when my animal is due for a new license and how often do I buy one?

In Bay County the license and the rabies vaccination correspond. An example (if your animal is given its rabies shot in January 2020, you should purchase your license in January 2020). Then every year after in January. Bay County sells two types of license. There is a one year and three year license. If your animal is vaccinated for only one year then you would have to purchase a one year, and if it received a three year rabies shot you may purchase a three year or opt to purchase just the one year.

What is the cost of animal licenses?

The 2023 thru 2026 one year spayed/neutered animal cost is $11.00. For a three year it is $28.00. For a one year unaltered animal the cost is $33.00. For a three year unaltered animal the cost is $78.00. There is a $20.00 delinquent fee added to any license that is not purchased on time in the month the rabies was given. 

How do I go about purchasing a kennel license?

Please contact the Animal Control Department at (989) 894-0679.