Health Department

Joel Strasz - Public Health Officer
Andre Reed - Deputy Health Officer
Sarah Tackebury - Public Health Nursing Services Manager
Melissa Opheim - Public Health Services Manager/EPC
Amy Revette - WIC Manager
Mark Pickell - Business Services Manager
Joel Kwiatkowski - Environmental Health Manager
Dr. Thomas Bender - Medical Director
Dr. William Morrone - Medical Examiner
Bay County Health Department
1200 Washington Avenue
Bay City, Michigan 48708
Voice: (989) 895-4009
Fax: (989) 895-4014

Bay County Community Health Assessment


Health Assessment Goals

  • To determine the health status of Bay County residents and assess the capacity of the public health infrastructure.
  • To identify gaps in programs and services that are needed within the community.
  • To improve existing programs and services to better serve Bay County residents.


2024 Opioid Assessment Report

The 2024 Opioid Health Assessment was completed in collaboration with Bay Arenac Behavioral Health, McLaren Bay Region, Bay Area Community Foundation, and local community partners. 

Opioid Use Needs Assessment Report


2021 Health Assessment Report

The 2021 Bay County Community Health Assessment was completed in collaboration with McLaren Bay Region, local community partners, and the State of Michigan.

2021 Bay County Community Health Assessment Report


2018 Health Assessment Report

Funding for the 2018 Bay County Health Assessment was provided by the Bay Area Community Foundation. 

2018 Bay County Community Health Assessment Report 
2018 Community Health Assessment Presentation 


2016/2017 Maternal Child Health Assessment 

The Maternal Child Health Assessment was completed with funding provided by the State Of Michigan.

Maternal Child Health Assessment Report
Maternal Child Health Assessment Presentation 


2015 Health Assessment Reports

Funding for the 2015 Bay County Health Assessment was provided by McLaren Bay Region, Bay Health Plan and the Bay Area Community Foundation. 

2015 Bay County Community Health Assessment 

2016 Bay County Phone Survey 


2012 Health Assessment Reports 

Bay County Phone Survey

Bay County Phone survey Cross tabulations

Phone Survey and Focus Group Report

2012 Bay County Health Assessment

Community Health Improvement Plan - Work Plans and Reports 


2012 Health Assessment Data-at -a- Glance

General Information

Children's Health


Health Insurance vs. Preventive Care


2012 Health Assessment Presentations

2012 Community Health Assessment Results

Overview of Bay County and Preventive Care

Health Behaviors and Mental Health

Morbidity and Mortality


Additional Health Assessment Data and Information

Region 3 State Health Assessment Data and Information

County Cardiovascular/Heart Disease Data

Bay County Health Dashboard

County Health Rankings

Kids Count Data

Maternal and Child Health Data Books

Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey

Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth 


2012 Health Assessment Structure

Phone Survey: Lake Research Partners conducted a phone survey of 505 randomly selected Bay County Residents from January 17-22, 2012. Both landline and cell phone numbers were used in the survey.

Focus Groups: Lake Research Partners conducted three focus groups from April 11-12, 2012. The focus groups consisted of adults lacking preventive care parents with children lacking preventive care and school personnel.

Online Survey: An online survey was conducted by the Bay County Health Department. this survey reached a total of 183 Bay County residents. This survey is not considered to be representative of the entire county, as respondents self-selected to participate.

Existing Data: Existing data, including information on morbidity and mortality, population, vital statistics, infant mortality, communicable disease, insurance coverage, employment, income and poverty were collected and analyzed by the Bay County Health Department.